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Rolemaster Companion 1

The structural & content work needed to release the Rolemaster Companion 1.
lachancery, 31.07.2012, 12:00
44 votes Vote

Implementation of new "Rolemaster Unified" rules.

ICE has a new rule set coming out... assuming it's substantively different from RM, RMC, RMSS, RMFRP (did I miss any variant?) I'd love to see them implemented.
JohnD, 24.08.2012, 09:48
40 votes Vote

Injuries Tracker

Automatically tracking injuries on the character sheet, importing them as effects in the combat tracker, and automate natural healing recovery rolls (to determine duration of recovery, impacted by character's constitution). Nice fluff to have:...
Response from the site administrator
Dakadin, 04.04.2020
I looked into this recently and the problem is the critical results aren't easily identified as what type and severity of injury that they are. Then the healing spells and herbs aren't consistent with those injury types. It makes it tough to automate unless I can get the exact wounds from a critical and what a spell/herb heals. It's not impossible but very tough and would require a lot of guess work on my part which not everyone would agree with.
lachancery, 11.08.2012, 05:08
37 votes Vote

Options to apply attack results and critical

Add preference for applying attack results and criticals. Options would include None, Radial Menu, Automatically. None would keep the current functionality. Radial Menu would add an option to the radial menu to apply the results to the target....
Dakadin, 30.07.2012, 08:59
35 votes Vote

Character Sheet Enhancements

Includes the following: * Spell tab enhancements to handle spell rolls * Drop down lists for things like races, professions, realms, etc. * Mini sheet with just the most relevant data * Portrait selection directly from character sheet
Response from the site administrator
Dakadin, 04.04.2020
Quite a bit of this is done with version 2.0. The mini sheet has been removed but the spell tab enhancements should be added with version 2.1.
Dakadin, 30.07.2012, 09:12
30 votes Vote

Spacemaster Ruleset

Could this be added easily to the RMC Ruleset? More than happy to pay extra for it.
Response from the site administrator
Dakadin, 04.04.2020
This should be possible now that I have a CoreRPG version of the RMC ruleset.
Andrew CARTER, 30.10.2015, 21:51
21 votes Vote

Player facing with suggested flank and rear bonuses

Player facing with suggested flank and rear bonuses to apply for the GM. I'm not sure when a player/NPC wouldn't get a rear and/or flank bonus from those positions but having it as an option popup would keep the overall control with the GM but...
Response from the site administrator
Dakadin, 04.04.2020
The new modifier buttons in version 2.0 help with applying the modifiers but I will need to investigate the facing in FG to see if it is possible to automate these modifiers.
craggles, 30.07.2012, 00:23
19 votes Vote

Experience point GM sheet

A function that allows allocation of XP to character sheets when a action is take which merits experience. E.g. A sheet like the experience point record (from RMSS) but with dragable values which automaticly add to current XP field in the...
bennis1980, 30.07.2012, 00:59
18 votes Vote

Herbs Manager

General concept (needs more thoughts/design) Table of herbs is displayed in resolver after GM set locale and climate, allowing a foraging roll to be dragged on the resolver to filter out herbs that can be found.
lachancery, 11.08.2012, 05:17
1 comment
16 votes Vote

Extraordinary Spell Failure Handling

Implementing ways to automate extraordinary spell failures during spell casting, with automated formula for fumble during failures.
lachancery, 31.07.2012, 12:04
13 votes Vote

Add MERP Compatability

Even if anything that references Tolkien can't be used in the ruleset because of licensing, please set up the mechanics and call it something else.
Byron, 18.04.2015, 14:48
12 votes Vote

Automatic Creature/Encounter Variants

Drag and drop feature where you drag a creature/monster/human with a variant level code on to a line and it automatically rolls and figures out increase or decrease in hits, level, etc. Great for generating impromptu random encounters.
Don Knecht, 23.08.2012, 08:17
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10 votes Vote

Automate Dodge

Develop a way to better handle dodging. The best way currently is to manually add an extra line to the combatants defenses for Dodge, check off All, and fill in the amount from the MM table.
Dakadin, 30.07.2012, 09:01
8 votes Vote

Radial Parry Option on the Map

This Radial Option is on the map for GM's to set a percentage of parry against the attacking target. The Percentages could be 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 0% This would look at the highest OB, at the number and use this to create the parry number. This...
Adam Sheridan, 16.02.2017, 15:52
6 votes Vote

All skills are optional

It would be nice if you could pick and chose from a really comprehensive list of skills which to exclude from your game altogether, and which to simply block players from, at present... (There has been a lot of suggested skills in the companions,...
Resonance, 08.03.2013, 15:52
5 votes Vote

Update FG Modifiers section for RM Classic/2

Meant to ask: Please and thanks for Modifiers page on top right of FG ”+\-” additions: Can we add to the top of the list of mods, an Initiative section that lists Initiative:Snap(-20), Initiative:Normal(+0), and Initiative:Deliberate(+10)...
Majyk, 18.04.2017, 22:19
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4 votes Vote

Allow a creature in the Combat Tracker to be controlled by PC

Allow a creature in the Combat Tracker to be controlled by a PC. The PC to control: - movement - targeting - OB/DB split (if required) - PC to roll attack... and criticals! Typical uses would be: - familiars - charmed/summoned creatures...
dunadan, 11.06.2017, 19:34
3 votes Vote

Toggle to limit amount of weapon OB into DB

Some critical effects(stuns, must parry, etc.) or even limitations on certain attack forms vs certain others(unarmed vs armed, 2-Handed vs 1-Handed) limit the amount of OB that can be converted against these faced instances. Must Parry and...
Majyk, 18.03.2019, 06:14
1 vote Vote

Combat Tracker adds Spell Durations, Chat = Expiry

One thing that spans this is a button that logs the Round a Spell is cast and puts it into the combat tracker. Maybe something of a radial button or dropdown menu that one can choose List/Level of Spell which the. updates the duration based on...
Majyk, 15.05.2020, 21:25
1 comment
46 votes Vote

Create a GM Toolbox/Party Sheet

Here are some initial thoughts: Calendar - Customizable, Log Party List - Global Modifiers - Lighting, Weather Effects Experience - Auto totaled from combat, Can be applied to characters, Can be modified Treasure Generation - using C&T...
Dakadin, 30.07.2012, 09:16
35 votes Vote

3.5E/4E Functionality - Calendar, Party Sheet, Etc

Add some of the new 3.5E/4E functionality like the Calendar, Party Sheet, Import and Export Character buttons, Modules button, Portraits window access, etc.
Dakadin, 05.08.2012, 16:47
28 votes Vote

Preference options to toggle optional rules

GM preference options to activate the optional rules found in the three core books that can be automated in the ruleset
lachancery, 31.07.2012, 12:03
27 votes Vote

Automation of Area of Effect Spells

Currently Area of Effect Spells have to be handled as separate individual attacks which requires targeting each separate target, rolling then resolving.
Response from the site administrator
Dakadin, 04.04.2020
This can be done in version 2.0 by selecting multiple targets before rolling the attacks. There will be a separate entries in the table resolver for each target.
Dakadin, 30.07.2012, 09:02
23 votes Vote

Automatic range modifiers for weapon attacks

Automatic range modifiers for missile/thrown/directed spells to the attack roll. I suppose this will need to be taken from the character sheet as superior/magical/spell mastery could mean the ranges were different from the original RMC tables.
Response from the site administrator
Dakadin, 04.04.2020
I started looking at this when working on version 2.0. I hit a few snags but it should be possible. I just need to work out the code for it.
craggles, 30.07.2012, 00:24
1 comment
23 votes Vote

Link OB (Combat tab) to Weapon Skills

Attach attacks in the Combat tab to weapon skills so they are automatically increased when the weapon skill changes.
lachancery, 30.07.2012, 09:50
19 votes Vote

Better handling of PC Leveling

PC leveling for stat gain rolls and skill development need to be handled better.
Dakadin, 30.07.2012, 09:09
18 votes Vote

Link Body Dev and Power Points to Skills

Currently Body Development and Power Points need to be manually adjusted when leveling up. Automate the process of filling them in on the Main tab of the character sheet.
Dakadin, 30.07.2012, 08:56
18 votes Vote

New Spell Lists/Template to Add Lists

Need a way to add custom spell lists and/or spell lists from the books that haven't found their way into FG/RM yet.
Don Knecht, 08.08.2012, 09:26
15 votes Vote

Change Structure for Better Expansion

This will make it easier to add additional races, professions, spells, attack and critical tables.
Dakadin, 30.07.2012, 09:07
15 votes Vote

Automatic handling of Exhaustion Points

I'd like to see these (and the accompanying modifications to appropriate actions) dealt with automatically, just like bleeding/stun/etc... are incremented/decremented.
JohnD, 30.07.2012, 12:43

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